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Green Juice Benefits/ Healthy Liver, Heart and Colon

Green Juice Benefits

Green juice benefits

Green Juice Benefits

You can take this simple step everyday of drinking a green juice and it will be well worth your time invested. The green juice benefits your body reaps are numerous! A number of your organs benefit, your liver, colon, and heart. The array of phytonutrients supplied to your body by a green juice are helpful down to the cellular level. A daily green juice can help reduce cholesterol and diabetes. Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse lists a number of great tasting vegetable juices.

To break this Down: lets Start with the Liver

Let’s start with the green juice benefits to your liver. All the deep green vegetables are very helpful to your liver due to their content of vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, folate, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are very helpful to the cells of the liver. Your liver works very hard everyday helping to break down the foods you eat, the man-made chemicals and preservatives in foods, pollution that you breath in, and your liver even helps break down bio-chemicals your body produces, like hormones. You could make a big difference to your health by supporting your liver. Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse promotes a healthy liver by teaching you which foods to eat and supplies you with herbs to promote liver health. Liver cleansing foods.

A Healthy Heart from Drinking Green Juice

Green juice benefits your heart too, if you are drinking juices made with a Vitamix, this is not just a juice extractor but a very powerful blender that can liquefy the entire plant. This is thee best way to get your vegetable juices because this juice will give your body all the fiber the vegetables have to offer. It is that fiber that makes a difference to your heart by keeping cholesterol low and its effect in keeping blood pressure low. Both high cholesterol and high blood pressure increase the risk of developing heart disease, drinking a green vegetable juice daily is 1 step, along with others, that can help reduce your risk of all three of those health problems.

Green Juice Benefits for Your Colon

Another organ that benefits from green juices, made with a Vitamix, is your large intestines, your colon. And for the same reason, all the fiber in the whole vegetable helps promote a healthy environment in the colon as it promotes bowel movements. A high intake of fiber is known to reduce the risk of colon cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Throughout your life it is vital to keep your colon healthy

Green Juices Help you to Maintain a Healthy Acid-Base Balance

There’s even more green juice benefits to your colon, drinking a green juice daily helps to produce a healthy acid-base balance. This is crucial to cultivate an environment in your colon that healthy bacteria thrive in. An acidic environment in the colon is the environment that unhealthy bacteria thrive in. An acidic colon is an environment that a number of digestive disorders can develop in. like Irritable Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, and become life changing problems.┬áDisease happens in an environment that is either too alkaline(base) or too acidic, the majority of Americans are too acidic. You can reset your body, learn how.


Nutrients and Phytonutrients

More important information about green juice benefits for you!!!! Read on to see some of the nutrients and phytonutrients you will get from drinking green vegetable juices/

Raw kale has /100 grams: 3.6 grams fiber, 2.26 grams sugars, 150 mgrams calcium, 1.47 mg iron, 491 mg potassium, 120mg vit C, 141 ug foltae, 5927 ug beta-carotene, 9990 IU vit A,8198 ug lutein and zeaxanthin, 704 ug vit K,

Spinach raw/100 grams: 2.2 grams fiber, .42 grams, 99 mg calcium, 2.71 mg iron, 558 mg potassium, 28.1 mg vit C, 194 ug folate, 5626 ug beta-carotene, 9377 IU vit A, 12, 198 ug luetein and zeaxanthin, 482.9 uh vit K

Collard greens /100 grams 4 gm fiber, .46 sugars, 232 mg calcium, 27 gm magnesium, 25 gm phosphorous, .47 mg iron, 213 mg potassium, 35.3 mg vit C, 129 ug folate, 2991 ug beta-carotene, 5019 IU vit A, 4323 ug lutein and zeaxanthin, 437 ug vit K


To daily have a beautiful fresh green vegetable juice is one of the best ways you can transform your body. You will feel great! You will think so clearly! Open up and say, “Aaaahhh”. Enjoy


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