Cancer Prevention and Your Lifestyle

Cancer prevention is something we can all do. Just think of all the friends you know and family members that have had cancer. The life-changing emotional toll as someone you love goes through treatments. Not to mention the enormous cost. It is estimated that 95% of the cancers that occur are preventable from a healthy lifestyle. That is a huge number. That information is not new and it is available on the American Cancer Society webpage.

Setting yourself up in a healthy lifestyle is your best insurance against developing a cancer. Though not a guarantee, it is the closest you will be able to come to living cancer-free. Cancer prevention is as simple as eating a diet high in vegetables, grains, beans, and fruits.

Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse is a great program to learn how to truly eat healthfully and in a way that is cancer preventive. This 30 Day Vegan Cleanse has changed people’s lives. By following this program, people lost weight, felt more energetic, had less body aches, a big increase in mental clarity and felt much better every morning when waking up. Many of the people who have already taken this Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse keep these recipes in their diet regularly because they loved the foods and felt so much better. Every one of these people also know that by eating this way, they are doing the best they can for themselves and their families to prevent cancer.

Pictured is a dinner of Adzuki beans I made for my family. Adzuki beans are known to help prevent cancers of the breast, if eaten on a regular basis; and also colon cancer due to all the fiber the beans contain. Research is also pointing out that Adzuki beans can help lower the risk of getting other types of cancer too. There is a great recipe for Adzuki beans in the Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse.


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