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Plan to Be Healthy! You Can do it!

Being healthy doesn’t “just happen” it takes a commitment, which means thought and then action. As noted in an earlier post, if you schedule your workouts, if you put them in your appointment calendar, you will get your workouts done. The same holds true with your meals though. Plan your meals. Don’t just go out the door in the morning without a clear picture of what you will be eating during that day.

You know you will need lunch, you know you will need dinner. Many people leave it up to their co-workers to decide where they will be eating. If you have to eat lunch and/or dinner out, why don’t you suggest the restaurant and already have in mind the healthy foods they offer. In fact, most restaurants have their menus online, so while you are in the mindset of committing to a healthy lifestyle, look at their menu ahead of time and decide what would be the best choice for you.

You might find that you are even inspiring your friends and co-workers and they too might start ordering those same items.

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