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Taking Stock in Order to Make Changes

Its funny how things come full circle. Thee best diet for you is the foods that our ancestors ate 2 generations ago and before that.

Yes, we have as humans progressed as a race in so many ways! And it truly is nice to be able to live in this time and be able to enjoy the many ways that progress has shaped our lives currently. I sincerely love living in a time when people are more accepting of others as they are. I appreciate our understanding of how different brains learn so that we can better help our kids. It’s so helpful to live with the technology and all the modern conveniences that make our lives so efficient.

We have been living for several decades this way. And once things have changed on a large scale, at a point, it is necessary to take a step back to re-evaluate where we are at from all those changes. It’s important to look at those changes and see how our life has been altered because of them. What have they done to change the lives of us humans? What is good about them? What is bad about them?

This is the point where you keep the good brought about from the forward progress and it is also the time that we need to really see what is bad about what progress has brought our way and let that go. We definitely keep the progress in human rights, and continue to move forward with it. We keep the technology and continue moving forward with it. Yes, for all of our science development as well. The only category that progress has brought us into that we should not continue on is in the category of food.

This is where it is important to take a step back, and look, really take a serious look, at what our foods have done to millions of people. These foods, that have raked up our most expensive health costs ever; these foods that have brought chronic diseases to kids that historically were diseases older adults would get- is this the vision of progress that we want for people? No!

When I think of progress, I think of life made better because of who we become as human beings. The majority of foods being eaten by most Americans currently is not that positive type of progress. The progress of the food industry is a progress that we should not continue.

I don’t know why anybody needs to wait any longer before making changes to their lifestyle to be healthy. This is thee perfect time right now to make the decision to eat better for the rest of your life! This is thee perfect day to commit to yourself and to your family, that your health matters, and their health matters. Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse is your step-by-step guide walking you through these life-changes. It really is made that simple for you.

full body scanI hope you chose health! I hope you chose to do my program Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse



Your Best Anti-Aging Solution

full body scanWe spend billions on anti-aging products. We are spending so  much on products to help us retain our youth that it is projected that by 2015 we will have spent more than $291 billion for products to help us in this quest. The Fountain of Youth has been a popular quest for centuries, but we are the first generation to actually have available to us, products and knowledge assisting us in our quest.

Our Generation Demands More for Ourselves

Its great that our generation wants to continue to feel good and look great. It says a lot about who we are now.  It seems that collectively we all want a better quality of life for ourselves for the duration. Clearly we are not willing to settle for the aging process without putting up a good fight- and lots of money! We all want the best anti-aging solution we can get.

We get to put up this good fight because there is much more knowledge of how the human body operates and how our foods and our lifestyle effect us. We know more now about taking very good care of ourselves. This then allows us to be in this very new place of being able to take steps toward retaining our youth. There is a lot of progress amongst the human race that has allowed us to come to this place. I think its important to acknowledge that.

Sorting Through all the Information

With so  much information out there, what is your best anti-aging solution? Very simply, it is taking very good care of yourself. There is no new and improved way to “take good care of yourself”. It is simply, get good quality sleep, keep stress as low as possible, don’t smoke, exercise 5 times a week, drink at least 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water daily and eat a very healthy diet that is predominately vegetables.

Your Diet is Your Best Anti-Aging Solution

Everything you eat has a direct effect in your body. And, since we all have to eat to stay alive, why not eat foods that will help you go through life feeling great and keep your body and brain as youthful as possible. The foods that will keep you healthy are the same foods that will keep you youthful because according to all the studies, it looks like a very healthy diet and exercise will help you avoid the most prevalent chronic diseases. These chronic diseases take their toll on your body, changing the cells, and the organs including the brain. These changes increase aging.

Aging Gracefully

Your best anti-aging solution is to eat a diet filled with foods that  are are packed with anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are what scavenge up the free radicals that create damage to cells. Numerous studies have shown that the people who eat several servings of fruits and vegetables each day, usually have lower prevalence of cancer. It is thought that some cancers develop as a result of free radicals. Free radicals have detrimental effects to the skin, immune system, liver, kidneys, and brain. All of the foods eaten during Full Body Vegan Cleanse are tremendously helpful to your skin, immune system, liver, kidneys and brain.

You can learn more about how you can eat a diet rich in anti-oxidant foods.


A Plan for your Anti-Aging

Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse could be your plan for anti-aging. Why? Because all the foods that you will be eating in this program are ONLY helpful to your body. The  foods you eat while on this program, All of the foods, are foods that will not produce large amounts of free-radicals. This is because they are natural and easily utilized by your body.

Results That People Notice

Everyone who has done Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse has felt great! Had more energy! Could think with clarity! They noticed their skin looking better, and even had other people notice their skin looking wonderful!  Many of the people have also noticed changes to their hair – and got compliments on their hair. This all adds up to the Fountain of Youth – your best anti-aging solution – really, I was almost 50 when we shot that cover photo.




This book is not a medical manual. It is intended as a reference for a healthy lifestyle. The information is given to help you make informed choices about your health. This Cleanse is not meant as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, you are urged to seek competent medical help. If you are pregnant or nursing, it is recommended that you do NOT do this Cleanse. This is not the appropriate time to make radical changes to your body. These herbal formulas are NOT to be used by a pregnant woman. All recommendations are believed to be effective, but since the actual use of herbs by others is beyond the control of the author, no expressed or implied guarantee as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken. The publisher and author expressly disclaim all liability connected with goods/services/ products obtained with this Cleanse. Any use of the information in this book is at the reader's discretion.
Notice: If you have a corn allergy, do not take these herbs. (They are processed with corn starch.)

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