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Liver Cleansing Foods

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Liver cleansing foods can make a huge change in your life. The health of your liver is reflected in your blood and the health of your blood is reflected in the health of your liver. By promoting liver health, you will be promoting your overall health.

Why Should I do a Liver Detox?

Our livers are absolutely amazing! They work very hard from the day we are born. Your liver is responsible for breaking down almost everything you consume, and even some of the bio-chemicals your body produces. Then realize that for the past 6 decades, we have all been eating many foods that are not completely natural. Foods that have artificial ingredients, dyes, blue 1 and blue 2 for example, that are not as easily broken down as foods that are 100% natural. (There are a huge number of artificial ingredients that food manufacturers add to foods.) All of these man-made additives cause more work for the liver.  Also, 7 decades ago, medications became more widely used. Medications are another added burden for the liver to break down. And, 1 more thing, we even breathe in chemicals that also require the liver to break them down, think pesticides and petrochemicals, ie gasoline.

Stress to Your Liver

Even by the time a human body is 30 years old living in the United States, or any other industrial society, that persons liver has worked intensely hard for all those 30 years and would greatly benefit from eating a diet rich in liver cleansing foods. From my 23 years experience helping patients, I can add that taking herbs that also promote liver health can make a dramatic difference to the health of your liver and your whole body.

Ancient Liver Cleansing

Asian culture has been all over this liver health thing for centuries! This culture saw centuries ago exactly how crucial a healthy liver was to having a healthy body. Green tea is one of thee oldest liver detox foods! Yes, green tea! Very simple, and very effective!

Current Liver Cleansing

Other superb liver cleansing foods are all the green vegetables. See a theme here? Green. The deeper the green, the better for your liver; kale, the super food of 2013 and still is even in 2015; collard greens, spinach, arugula, beet tops, broccoli, Tatsoi also called Japanese spinach or spinach mustard, Swiss chard, endive, dandelion, and on and on with really all the deep green vegetables as being very helpful for your liver.

Other foods that are very helpful to detox your liver are turnips, beets, grapefruit, apples and citrus fruits.

Green foods are thee best for the health of your liver. To learn more about liver cleansing foods contact me for a free 15 minute consultation that focuses on your specific needs.

 Make Your Liver Healthy

You can detox your liver with the right foods and with the right herbs. You can make choices to make your liver healthy and stay healthy for life! See more information on how you can  detox your liver .



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