Fast Food Extra Calories

photo (19)Even in this fast paced life, you can raise healthy kids.

The first step to raising healthy kids is making that commitment to keep their health a priority.

The next step is to learn how to keep them healthy. This is where Full Body 30 Day Vegan  Cleanse comes in. It teaches you just how easy it really is to be healthy Full Body 30 Day Vegan  Cleanse teaches you how you can be healthy AND raise your kids in a healthy way too. And, very importantly, you will be teaching your kids how to be healthy. This will be very valuable for them for the rest of their lives.

This matters because our current environment has us surrounded by fast food restaurants. Everyday each us sees people around us eating fast food. For the kids who are being raised from an early age eating fast food, they don’t  even think about why they shouldn’t eat fast food. Not even a second of time considering how bad fast food is for their body.

The current epidemic of obesity in America effects kids and teens as well as adults. According to the CDC, 17% of adolescents and children are overweight or obese. That number has tripled in just 1 generation! Thee most important contributing factor to this is the foods being eaten. Generations ago, the saying was, “You are what you eat.”. That is a fact, still. Yes, the foods in the grocery stores have changed, a lot over the decades. But, the needs our human body has for energy has not radically changed at all in the 5 decades since obesity has become such a large societal problem. (If anything, the need our bodies have for energy has probably been reduced. Thanks to a lifestyle of conveniences and technology.)

Numerous studies have shown that the majority of teenagers especially rely on fast foods. Numerous studies have also proven that a regular diet of fast foods gives an excess of calories than is needed. In fact, teenagers and kids eating fast foods regularly end up consuming more calories from those fast food meals than calories from foods served at home. This was from a study published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescents. The same study showed that kids eating fast foods usually eat an extra 160 calories and teenagers usually eat an extra 310 calories if they are eating fast food.

Another major problem for the kids and teens who regularly eat fast foods are the fats and sugar. Fast foods supply more  fats and sugar than the human body needs, and of course, a very un-healthy type of fat. There are many studies that have shown that when these fats and sugars are eaten regularly, it will lead to chronic disease.

If you provide your kids fresh healthy foods everyday, and supply them with foods their body truly needs to support a body that is growing, and a brain that is being challenged, then you are doing the job you signed up for when you became a parent. You are giving your child one of thee best gifts you can possibly give them by teaching them how they can be healthy. It is worth it to see your child thrive.



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