Happy Healthy Halloween!

Halloween could still be a healthy day!! It is a matter of how you set yourself up. Hopefully you will dress up and have a fun-filled day. But, that day does not have to include eating, or even gorging, on candy. It is in how you mentally set yourself up for this day.

Today make this a healthy Halloween and maybe even the first of a new tradition. Skip the candy completely. Just because you have always had candy on Halloween doesn’t mean it always Has to be that way. Interject with thoughts about what you really want for yourself. Thoughts about how you really want to be healthy and that this could be that first day of a better way of life. Then follow-up on those thoughts by acting accordingly. You can skip the candy. You will actually feel better without it. This is written with adults in mind.

As for kids, they should be able to enjoy Halloween much like we did, with the candy. Then even with your kids, it is a matter of how you set it up for them. Halloween is a day that we can teach kids how to enjoy a celebratory day with balance. Gorging on candy until they feel sick is not teaching balance. Halloween is a great day to let them eat some candy and enjoy a day that is fun because they dressed up in a costume and were given lots of candy. That is a super fun day!! As parents we get to revel in their fun and also teach a little. It’s very easy, just let your kids know that they can eat 3-5 pieces of candy. The best thing you can do as a parent is to tell them why. Tell them that you love them and care about them, and because their health is so important to you, this matters. Not eating lots of candy does make a difference to their health.

There is the healthy message for your kids and for their future Halloweens. This sets them up so that they won’t have to battle years of Halloween gorging and a need to set up new habits around a holiday.



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