Healthy Smoothies – Brain Nourishment for the Boys

healthy smoothies

healthy smoothies

Healthy Smoothies to Nourish my Boys After School

After a day at school, the boys deserve a smoothie that will nourish their brains as well as their growing bodies – I have been making healthy smoothies for them for years. I call this one Passionate Peach. It is made with fresh orange juice, frozen peaches, coconut milk passion mango yogurt, and fresh pineapple. All blended very well in my VitaMix. A thick yummy healthy smoothie for their brains, their body and yes, even to nurture their spirit as this healthy smoothie always brings a smile to their faces!

Full Body 30 Day Vegan Cleanse has a number of healthy smoothie recipes that I have made for my boys over the years. As the health of my family is a top priority, even making smoothies stayed in line with that priority. The ingredients I use are only healthy ingredients and I never add sugary ingredients, there is just no need to since fruit is sweet enough. I make different healthy smoothies so that the boys get the benefit of different nutrients from the different ingredients.

I give the boys healthy smoothies to get extra calories in them. Both of them have been very physically active in different sports from a young age. I have always wanted to ensure their bodies were given the nutrients it needed after all the demands they placed on their bodies. Drinking healthy smoothies has certainly accomplished both of those needs and is a much healthier choice over sodas and energy drinks.

Whether this healthy smoothie is for your kids or for you, it will bring a smile to those who get to drink it!


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