How Did You Tend Your “Garden” Today?

It’s another beautiful day!! It’s another opportunity to take care of yourself and your family. Many people do take great care of their literal gardens, outside of their home…but what about you? Your “Garden”?

It is great to consciously take steps each day that will take care of you. Your health, your body and yes, then even your spirit. “Did you tend your garden?” is such a wonderful phrase. I of course always apply it to the most personal aspect I can get. I apply it to my body. “How did I tend my garden today?” The next natural extension is then to my family. I want to have those answers readily available everyday about how I took care of them.

It’s a gentle way of asking yourself and reminding yourself to take steps every day to take care of yourself.Our bodies are thee most amazing creation. And this was given to you. Instead of treating it like it is something of no value, just because it was given to you, treat it with the utmost respect and value it for all it is.

It is your body you are reading this with. it is your body that turned to its side and got you out of that bed this morning. It is your body that allows you to feel all those wonderful feelings you have for the people you love.

“How did you tend your “Garden” today/”


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