Parenting Healthy

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For the majority of pregnant women, and the expecting partner, usually thee number 1 priority is a healthy baby. All around the world, thee most important factor every expectant parent wants is a healthy baby. If you are lucky enough to get that top priority – you have been given the world! Have you planned on Parenting Healthy?

After being given such a beautiful gift, what do you do to take care of it? Is the health of your child a top priority 2 years later, 6 years later and even 15 years later? I hope it is. There is still nothing as important as the health of your child as they grow. When your child is healthy, they get to flourish. As a parent, that is definitely one of thee most gratifying experiences you can have.

Junk food snacks are hugely problematic for many reasons:

First, all junk food snacks are loaded with several man-made ingredients. Because these ingredients are un-natural, they cause your immune system to react. These immune reactions range from: hives, allergies, asthma, headaches, mood changes, hyperactivity, cancers, eczema, and rhinitis.

All junk food snacks provide calories from fats that are not as usable as fats from natural foods, like hummus and nuts. Once again, the body can’t completely utilize these calories, so they end up getting stored into fatty tissue. As levels of stored calories increases, several different hormones also become altered in the body. These changes result in inflammation, appetite changes, brain chemistry changes, added body fat, immune system changes and then on to chronic diseases if junk food is a consistent pattern. As you can see, parenting healthy would not include junk food.

Third, junk food snacks often have a high sugar content that really is not needed by the body. When it’s not needed, it will get stored. Stored calories become fat. It is actually very easy to track the increased usage of sugar in the United States, in both households and in the food industry, ¬†with the increase in weight. To the point that we are currently living in an epidemic that has never been experienced before – obesity.

Sugar causes numerous reactions in the body, so that if sugar is a daily habit, these reactions will lead to big health problems. Diabetes is of course related to high sugar intake. The immune system gets suppressed by sugar. Cancers are all fed by sugar.

Fourth, our taste buds are trained. When a person eats junk foods that are not natural foods, that is the taste that becomes most desired. This is because most junk foods are imbued with so many artificial flavors that are exaggerated flavors, they alter the taste buds and these over-the-top tastes of processed foods become the preferred foods.

Your kids are very valuable. Their health is precious. Parenting healthy is very important for their future. I hope their health, the health of you and your entire family is your top priority.



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