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Please never do this to your body. Fruit is yummy and all fruits have phytonutrients for your body providing positive benefits to your body. But, a fruit detox diet will absolutely not do anything positive in detoxifying your body but instead may cause a few problems. To feed your body just fruit for any number of days is not a healthy thing to do at all. Fruit causes insulin spikes every time you eat it. Which is not what you should do to your body for days in a row. Fruit only will not supply your body with the amount of protein or the fat the body needs to function properly. If you have any lingering bacterial or even a candida issue, this will be the worst thing you can do.

Increased Blood Sugar

When we eat a food that has sugar in it, even fruit with its natural sugar, our body has to respond to the rise in sugar in the body. That response is a release of insulin. This insulin will attach to the glucose, sugar, and carry it across the cell walls bringing it into the cell and shuttling it out of the blood stream. This is because excess sugar in the blood stream, the arteries and veins, is not able to be used by the body, it has to be in the cells to be used. Also, if the glucose level is high often, that sugar will cause damage to the arteries and other parts of the body, (over years).

Simple Sugars Keep Your Insulin High

A fruit detox diet that has you eating fruit only for days will keep stimulating an insulin release. Without a separate source of protein or a fat to slow down a rise in blood sugar and insulin response, eating just fruit will demand insulin to be stimulated. Protein or fat doesn’t cause a big release of insulin and this is very important in keeping your blood sugar levels stable and not spiking. By consuming fruit, your blood sugar goes up, as a consequence, your body releases insulin and that insulin drives the sugar into the cells for storage. Foods that get stored mean weight gain.

More Facts About Insulin’s Effects

  • Insulin is a storage hormone. As insulin drives sugar into the cell, it gets stored. Another name for stored calories, stored fuel, is fat. Insulin drives storage and that results in increased fat stores.
  • Insulin contributes to weight gain is that insulin stimulates growth factors. These growth factors have the effect on various tissues of increasing growth, or stimulating cells to divide.
  • All of this becomes very suspect in talking about cancer. It is known that cancer cells divide uncontrollably. Cancer cell are stimulated by growth factors. And, cancer cells feed and thrive off sugars.            

Even if you only plan on doing a fruit detox diet cleanse for 3 days, why do you want to drive your blood glucose levels and your insulin levels up several times a day for even three days? I can not think of even 1 positive effect from doing a fruit detox diet. For stability of blood sugar and as the best way to loose weight and maintain weight, fruit only as snacks would be more advisable.

Bacteria and Candida Love Fruit

If you are giving your body only fruit you will be helping any bacteria or candida to thrive. If you often have sinus problems it could be a chronic bacterial issue. If you have gas and bloating often or have any suspicion that you have candida, a fungal overgrowth in the large intestines, a fruit detox diet would be a big mistake. Bacteria and candida thrive in body’s that get a lot of sugar, yes even if it’s from fruit. In the lab when they want to promote the growth of a bacteria or fungus, they use sugar as the food source. A fruit detox diet would make these health problems worse.

Do You Want a Healthy Eating Plan?

This is the best starting place before you choose a cleanse. Once you figure out what your goals are for your time and money spent doing a cleanse you will then be able to decide what the best cleanse for you is. Do you want to do a cleanse that will be a quick in and out process? Do you want to really learn for your future from this cleanse? Do you want this cleanse to bring balance into your life? Have you even thought that there can actually be a cleanse that would be great to share with your family?

Best 30 Day Diet

The best 30 day diet would be one that teaches you how to eat healthfully for life. Not with packaged meals that you have to buy but a program that actually teaches you how you can create healthy meals for yourself and your family. You can actually get and stay healthy eating food. You do not have to starve yourself to be healthy. You just need to know what to eat. If you have a plan that teaches you and that is sustainable, you can be healthy for life!

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